New Disease Reports

Senior Editor: Gerard Clover

Volume 33
01 Jan to 30 Jun 2016

New Disease Reports

New Disease Reports is a peer-reviewed, international, open-access electronic journal, published by the British Society for Plant Pathology. It aims to provide a vehicle for rapid on-line publication of new and significant plant disease outbreaks caused by fungi, bacteria, nematodes, phytoplasmas, viruses, and viroids. For more details of the scope of New Disease Reports, see Author Info. For details of the submission process, see Submission.

New Disease Reports was first started in 2000. Reports submitted prior to 2010 were also formally published (in print and online, without images) in the BSPP's journal Plant Pathology. Since 2010 New Disease Reports has become a stand-alone on-line journal in its own right (ISSN No. 2044-0588). To enhance the value of the reports, the BSPP is a member of CrossRef and will issue DOIs for all reports submitted since 01 Jan 2010.

Latest reports from the current volume (33: Jan 2016 to Jun 2016)

N. Rosenzweig, L. Steere, W.W. Kirk, S. Mambetova, C. Long, R. Schafer, S. Dangi, J. Byrne
First report of Dickeya dianthicola and Pectobacterium wasabiae causing aerial stem rot of potato in Michigan, USA

M.C. Noelting, G.M. Mantz, S.J. Maiale, M.C. Molina
Occurrence of Phomopsis sp. causing cankers on pecan trees in Buenos Aires province, Argentina

A.N. Ignatov, M.V. Khodykina, V.A. Polityko, M.V. Sukhacheva
First report of Serratia marcescens causing yellow wilt disease on sunflower in Russia

J. Van Vaerenbergh, B. De Paepe, A. Hoedekie, C. Van Malderghem, J. Zaluga, P. De Vos, M. Maes
Natural infection of Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus in tomato (Solanum tuberosum)

S. Panno, G. Iacono, M. Davino, S. Marchione, V. Zappardo, P. Bella, L. Tomassoli, G.P. Accotto, S. Davino
First report of Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus affecting zucchini squash in an important horticultural area of southern Italy

G.J. Denton, J.O. Denton, R.T.A. Cook
First record of Erysiphe alphitoides on Wisteria brachybotrys and W. frutescens, and first record of its chasmothecia on Wisteria

A. Srivastava, S. Kumar, M. Jaidi, S.K. Raj
Association of Cotton leaf curl Multan virus and its associated betasatellite with leaf curl disease of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis in India

J.L. Alves, R.M. Saraiva, E.S.G. Mizubuti, S.M.T.P.G. Carneiro, L.C. Borsato, J.H.C. Woudenberg, V. Lourenço Jr.
First report of Alternaria carthami causing leaf spots on Carthamus tinctorius in Brazil

A. Munda
Outbreak of anthracnose on apricots caused by Colletotrichum fioriniae in Slovenia

M. Turina, B.P.J. Geraats, M. Ciuffo
First report of Tomato mottle mosaic virus in tomato crops in Israel

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